Refractive Lens Exchange


For individuals who wish to be free from glasses or contact lenses.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)  becomes the more dominant choice as we passed the age of 40 . This has to do with the onset of Presbyopia , requiring the need for Bifocal glasses to allow vision for both Distance and Reading. In addition, the early onset or inevitable development of cataracts , would be solved by this procedure .

This procedure (RLE) allows maximum freedom from glasses in this age group and beyond and could restore both distance vision and intermediate / near vision. 


RLE is performed under local anaesthetic with mild sedation . The procedure involves removal of the natural lens (sits behind the iris (color portion) ) , and replacement with an artificial lens implant . This is basically the procedure used to remove Cataracts , often seen in the older population .
The procedure only takes several minutes to complete, thereafter you will walk out of the operating theatre with an eye shield in place . 


Patients are to refrain from heavy strenuous activity for a week . Medicated eyedrops will be required for use for 4 weeks. Vision can be expected to improve over the first 1-2 weeks, but many see well enough to drive the very next day. Full recovery will take 6-8 weeks . There is typically very little discomfort , but a slight sensation grittiness can be felt for a few weeks, and sometimes a few months . 
Most will require laser touch up or polish 2-3 months after the surgery .