Contact Lens Hygiene: Dos and Don’ts

The concept of placing tiny bowl-shaped lenses on one’s eyeballs can be intimidating. But fear not! Proper contact lens care is essential for maintaining healthy eyes. Whether you’re a first-time wearer or a seasoned pro, let’s break down the do’s and don’ts into a few key categories:

Application, Cleansing, and Hygiene


  1. Wash Your Hands: Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your contacts. Bacteria on your hands could contaminate your lenses and, in turn, your eyes.
  2. Keep Your Case Clean: Regularly clean your contact lens case with contact solution after each use. Leave it open to air-dry to prevent bacteria growth.
  3. Clean and Disinfect Lenses: After wearing your two-week or monthly contact lenses, clean them before storing. Rub each lens with cleaning solution, rinse, and place them in the case with fresh disinfecting solution.


  1. Avoid Tap Water and Saliva: Never clean or store your lenses in tap water or saliva. Tap water can carry harmful microorganisms, and saliva contains even more germs.
  2. Don’t “Top Off” Solution: Old solution may have contaminants. Always use fresh cleaning solution to avoid compromising lens hygiene.
  3. Keep Case Away from Bathrooms: Bacteria thrive in humid environments, so store your contact lens case away from the bathroom.

Lifestyle and Disposal

  • Replace Your Lenses: Follow your optometrist’s recommendations for lens replacement.
  • Remove Your Lenses: Take them out before bedtime.
  • See Your Optometrist: Regular check-ups are crucial for eye health.

Remember, proper contact lens hygiene ensures clear vision and healthy eyes. Feel free to print this as your contact lens care cheat sheet!

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